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Digital Wallet

What is a Digital Wallet?

A blockchain based system that enables users to conduct instant cashless payments, P2P remittance & transfer, online purchases, and digital storage of person & banking information

Online/Offline Payment

  • Any Time (24/7), Any Where

  • Any Payment method : Digitized Token, MoMo, Credit Card, Account transfer

  • Online Shopping Mall, Offline Merchants : Shop, Restaurant, Hospital, etc.

  • Public bill : Electricity, Water, Tax, Insurance, etc.

Invoices & Receipt

  • It allows Invoices and payment receipts such as electricity, water, taxes, insurance, services, etc. to be systematically organized and managed.

P2P Transfer (Remittance)

  • Customers can transfer digitized token to family or friends

Digital identity Card and bank book

  • You can digitize your ID card, driver's license, medical insurance card, etc. on the E-Wallet and authenticate yourself using QR Code and biometric information

  • In conjunction with digital wallet and bank account, can deposit, withdraw and account query for bank account, and it could offer the various bank financial instruments to customers


  • There is a banner advertisement area in a certain area or a specific page of the E-Wallet, and it receives the content of the advertisement from DEX and publishes it.

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Digital Wallet