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Song Man Cho

Song Man Cho is the founder and Chairman of NuriFlex Group.  More than 27 years, he has been the leader of executive team, making key decisions for delivering the business results.  With his vision, ‘Open to the Digital World’, he has motivated the Group to enter a new era of the Digital World.  Song Man Cho is currently the Vice Chairman of KOSDAQ Association and a director of Korea Software Industry Association.


Steve Yang

Steve Yang has joined NuriFlex in 2004 and was the leader of NuriFlex Finance and Accounting department.  He has a proven track record of successful acquisition of the company and listed the company in KOSDAQ.  In addition, he was leading the acquisition of Apivio Systems Inc.(TSX-V) in 2017.  Steve has extensive experience in human resource management, corporate finance and building the company’s strategy.  Prior to joining NuriFlex, he was an executive team member of IT company.  Steve holds a master’s degree in accounting from University of Seoul.

Technical Director

Martin Kim

Mr. Martin Kim serves as the lead architect for the development of Smart Control enabled blockchain and trading platforms. He has vast experience across diverse fields including financial platform and payment systems. Notable achievements include the development of the securities trading system at DAEWOO Financial Group, one of Korea’s largest conglomerates, and a comprehensive payment platform at UNISYS Korea. He is also currently developing and commercializing the Smart City solution at NuriFlex and leads a development team that specializes in building interoperability between legacy technologies and Blockchain solutions.

EmEA Business Development Director

Franklin Ngamga

Franklin Ngamga has joined the Group in 2018 and he has been involved in developing growth strategies and executing plans to achieve the organization’s short and long-term goals.  His main region of focus is Africa.  In prior work, Franklin was an investment manager at Conduit Ventures Limited, a London-based VC firm investing in early and growth-stage companies across multiple sectors.  Before joining Conduit Ventures, he worked on projects related to battery concept for E-vehicles, in the US, and contributed to advanced research as an engineer for SINTEF, in Norway, and Samsung, in South Korea.  Franklin has a Ph.D. with distinction in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Graz, and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.


Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park has joined NuriFlex in 2005 and was the Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development.  Since 2005, she has expanded its product offerings globally and has a proven track record of successfully building, growing, and managing a profitable international business.  She is experienced executive and has extensive experience in global business development and global sales management.  Elizabeth is the leader of highly qualified expertise with winning attitude and high energy.  She makes key decisions with the team and executing for results.  She motivates and leads the team to achieve profit and revenue targets.


Jay Song

Jay Song is a Director of Finance & Accounting at NuriFlex Holdings Inc and is managing various corporate matters within overseas subsidiaries of the Company.  Jay was serving as a Controller at Apivio Systems Inc., which later was acquired by NuriFlex in 2017.  Prior to joining NuriFlex, Jay was working as a senior management accountant at a reputable Canadian company, closely working with senior executives and Board members providing advice on various management reports and major investments.  He also has many years of public company experience in South Korea.  Jay has extensive experience in delivering the business results, driving the company’s strategy whilst operating within the required governance.  Jay holds a bachelor’s degree from Carleton University and is a Chartered Professional Account (CPA, CMA) in British Columbia, Canada.

Technical Director

Ernie Ofori

Ernie Ofori has joined NuriFlex in 2018.  Prior to joining the Group, Ernie started work on the UNDP Good Governance Program at the State House, served as a Research Scientist (ICT & Electronics) within the CSIR and as the Head of Scientific and Technical Computing at the AITI – KACE.  He has worked on various Scientific research and technology transfer projects.  He is also a member of the UNESCO Expert group on Open Systems and Open Educational Resources in Paris.  He has also served as a software technologist and consultant for various organizations including Fintech-Labs(UK) (Financial Technologies), TextGenesys Ltd (Mobile Banking), Rudan Consulting Ltd (GIS), Money Systems International (Remittance Systems).  Currently he serves on the National (ISO) Technical Committee for Standardization in Systems and Software for the Ghana standards Board as well as National Spatial Data Policy (NSDP) Development Group and the National Data Roadmap Forum.  Ernie went through the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial School, Isle of Youth through to UCLV, Santa Clara, where he graduated as an Engineer in Automation.

Technical Manager – Software

Jong Sung Park

Mr. Jong Sung Park has more than 19 years of professional experience in large-scale web applications, software architecture and object-oriented programming. At Nuri Telecom, he has developed a large enterprise scale object-based application for electricity companies around the globe and a technical specification from which applications will be written based on enterprise business requirements. He is the designer of the AIMIR 3.X, the next generation advanced metering solution, which allows consumers to monitor and better manage their energy consumption while allowing interconnectivity with other systems and multiple devices. He is an expert in data security and token system for prepayment system. He will play key role in providing seamless interoperation of HES with Blockchain system and creation of Smart Control enabled token system.

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